The Garth Team posted on Facebook that:

Due to someone on their team testing positive for Covid-19 and out of an abundance of caution, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are canceling everything and testing and quarantining for two weeks.

There was an outpouring of response on the page most of it was very positive...

Eric Hopper: Shows integrity. Thank you for that. Hoping the best. Prayers.

Janice White: I was a fan. And still am as far as your music goes. However, I was disappointed when you played for Biden. Now to that you’re playing into the whole over-exaggerated COVID thing. It just saddens me.

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Jennifer Jirovec: Praying for your team member to have a speedy recovery. Praying Garth and Trisha and the family and team all to be safe and healthy. I will be waiting for the music to play again.

Michael Shane Johnston: Probably got it from his love fest with his good buddy snowflake Joe Biden.

Ann Carter: Sorry to hear about your quarantine, but after reading some of the posts on your page, I also want to say how proud I am of your performance at the inauguration, your singing, and your invitation for everyone to join. I thought it was golden. Great job from a former Duck Street neighbor!

Annette Baker: Probably should have skipped the inauguration. Just saying. I do love ya'lls music so you have my prayers.

Annette Richards: Sending prayers from Sydney Australia for your team member and complete recovery . Hope to see you both on FB live maybe so we know how your are coping with isolation. Hope to see you both live whenever we can come to America for our first trip.

Aimee N Quicke: Garth and Trisha I am one of your biggest fans and deeply saddened this has happened a second time. Sending many prayers your way. Wishing you all the best. I am so glad I atleast got to see you few years back in Omaha at the world tour before all this.

Janice McLean - Ecclestone: Your music, your kindness, and your integrity to yourself, your family and your country is why we love you. Stay doing what you do, as you prioritize protecting others. From Ontario

Celeste Collyer Cox: Prayers for all of you covid is bad lost my brother in dec due to covid love you Garth and Trisha beautiful people in and out.

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