UPDATE: A tragic incident Tuesday evening on the outskirts of Pine Ridge. Oglala Sioux Tribal Safety Deputy Police Chief John Mousseau says officers were called around 5:00 PM to a report of an unresponsive child.

"Officers arrived on scene and upon arriving on scene... they discovered the child was attacked by some dogs... Right now we are having, using all available resources available to us to locate this pack of dogs."

The child, who was sledding near her home at the time of the attack, died from the dog bites and excessive trauma.

Mousseau says dog bites on the reservation are becoming more frequent and he is reminding parents to never leave their children unattended.

Gene Hetland of KSOO-AM Contributed to This Report


I came across a disturbing tweet this afternoon from the Rapid City Journal. This one really makes your heart hurt for the little girl and family in Pine Ridge.

According to their story...

A pack of roaming dogs attacked and killed an 8-year-old girl in the Crazy Horse Housing complex in Pine Ridge Tuesday evening. Police Chief Ron Duke said the little girl was attacked around 5 p.m. while she was sledding near the housing area.
For more on the story, find it here from The Rapid City Journal.

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