I actually met someone the other day who had to put their family pet down - and never went back to claim the body. They told the vet to just "throw him away."

Dear God!!! How can someone be so callused and cold-hearted? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. You're tossing aside your beloved pet as if it was garbage?

Every single pet I've had - both as a kid and as an adult - I've either buried on my parent's farm or had cremated so we could bury them in our backyard.

And every single pet has their own wooden cross (on the farm) or special stepping stone (in town). They were family members for heaven's sake, not mere possessions.

To this day, whenever we drive up to the farm, I always look to my left as we're turning into the driveway and glance over at all the wooden crosses tucked away in the trees.

I don't know why, but here recently I've been thinking a lot about what this person had to say and how they treated their dog after he passed away.

Actually, I do know why I've been thinking about it. It's because our dog Maddie is 13 and starting to slow down - and I know what lies ahead.

So, before bringing a "forever friend" into your family, promise me that when the time comes to say goodbye, you'll do them the dignity of giving them a proper burial.

That's what you do for family!

Source: Checkiday

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