By Sanford Children's Hospital

Elijah dreams of playing football for the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you ask his parents, he can do anything he sets his mind to, and why not? He’s already beaten his toughest opponent once: cancer. Three years ago, his parents received the devastating news that his cancer had returned. That spring, they learned that Eli was not responding to chemo so he went through experimental treatment. The family faced the same opponent again with the same fervor and determination as they did the first time.

Eli underwent a craniotomy and chemotherapy as a baby, and now he undergoes chemo and radiation once again. He doesn’t remember his first ordeal, but it breaks his parents’ hearts that he will this time. Eli tells everyone not to worry, that he WILL beat this again. He remains active in t-ball, soccer and dance, as his illness permits, and looks forward to beating cancer again so he can get back to life without restrictions.

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