UPDATE: Common sense prevailed. The people have won. According to the Associated Press:

Congress is sending President Barack Obama a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security through the end of the budget year, without overturning the president's immigration policies. The House on Tuesday voted 257-167 for the measure that Obama is expected to sign. Without action, funding for the department would have expired Friday at midnight.


The bill funding Homeland Security shows that Congress continues to be dysfunctional.

Attached to funding Homeland Security are measures going after President Barack Obama for his executive orders dealing with illegal immigration. There are ties to Homeland Security and immigration, however, illegal immigration is a small part of the department's mission.

A majority of the House believe the President exceeded his authority. A federal judge in Texas appears to agree with them. The legal challenge to Presidential authority is in the courts, where it should be.

The Senate, even with a Republican majority, can't make much progress on the issue either. So, once again, temporary funding, this time a week, is in play.

If I were a member of Congress, I would be upset at the President's actions. However, my biggest upset would be with members of the Republican majority.

To the best of my knowledge they have not introduced their own solutions to the illegal and legal immigration problem. All they have done is complain about the President's actions.

I am not an ideologue, but If I were a true conservative I would not allow the funding of a vital department of our government to be held hostage over a dispute with the President regarding his authority. I would vote to fund Homeland Security and I would introduce a bill to deal with the illegal and legal immigration. I would keep the issues separate, because they should be.

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