Following years of psycho therapy, seven shock treatments and medication (taking 17 pills a day), Eileen White has found her purpose in life.  "At first, I was a really angry person because I felt like I got a raw deal.  Here I am being diagnosed with five major mental disorders including major depression and anorexia.  I just felt cheated.  I was always embarrassed thinking someone would find out about my problems and the treatment I was getting."

But, Eileen's attitude quickly changed following shock treatments.  "I actually had some depression free days and really felt good for the first time in my life.  The anger and all the negative feelings went away."

Eileen White, this week's guest on "I Love Life," decided to go public in hopes of helping others with mental disorders.  "I wanted to let others know it is possible to recover from the illness.  Sure, I'm not cured and still have some symptoms.  I really feel this is something I may have to deal with the rest of my life.  Yet, I am able to to let others know it is possible to recover from mental illness.  I'm able to go out and tell people about it!"