While a few doses of some much-needed rain showers will likely arrive in the Sioux Empire in the coming days, Colorado is about to be walloped with a rare September snowstorm.

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for a large part of Colorado, including the Denver Metropolitan area for Tuesday. The area is currently experiencing temperatures in the upper '90s and lower 100s but could see highs in the '30s in just a few short days. That's a 70-degree drop in temperature.

Much of the area is currently under a Red Flag warning, which warns of an extended period of high fire danger. The near-record heat that the area is seeing, combined with dry conditions and high winds have made Colorado and other states in the Rockies ripe for the potential of fires. In fact, an area west of Fort Collins is currently under evacuation from the Cameron Peak Fire, which has burned over 34 thousand acres (54 miles) since it first started in Mid-August. Many who live in the area are welcoming the possibility of a summer snowstorm, in hopes that it will put the fires out.

September snowstorms can't be ruled out when you live near the Rocky Mountains, but they don't happen very often. The last time the Denver metro was hit by snow in September was on September 24, 2000.

For many, the worst is trying to figure out their daily wardrobe. Shorts on Monday, snow pants on Tuesday?

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