My buddy Al sends me a Tik Tok video of some gal blowing a hard-boiled egg out of its shell. In the video she says all you have to do is poke a hole in the top of the egg, crack the bottom of the egg, then blow in the hole, and presto! The egg shoots out of the shell. Nothing to it.

I called B.S. I'd never heard of this and didn't think it would really work. It's rather difficult to find anything on social media that isn't put there to fake you out.

So I go to google and type in “Blowing a hard-boiled egg out of its shell”. (Careful if you are doing this on your work computer.) And dang, there are tons of people who made videos of themselves 'blowing eggs'. Just knock it off! You know what I mean.

I had no idea this was a thing? There are pages of videos on Youtube featuring people pealing hard-boiled eggs by chipin' and blowin'. And since I had gone this far down the chicken hole I watched a bunch of 'em.

These are my three favorites 'egg blowin' videos in this order:

3- ”Ninja Hard Boiled Egg Peeling Trick” - This video from 10 years ago features some guy explaining how to poke a hole in your hard-boiled egg, crack your eggshell, and then blow into the hole you just made. But he does this all while his kid is apparently watching Elmo on a TV in the background. Either that or his buddies are taking a break from smoking reefer and watching cartoons to tape this little experiment. Tagline: “This is how Ninja's do it.” I seriously doubt real Ninja's are blowing eggs.

2- ”Blow A Hard Boiled Egg Out Of It's She'll” - You read that right “She'll”. This treasure was posted back in 2014 by Anna Baratelle. Anna didn't have time to worry about spelling she was busy posting science. Tagline: “I blew an egg in a rooster”. You'll have to watch it.

1- ”Redneck Boiled Egg Peeling” - This gem starts off with some self-proclaimed 'Redneck' exclaiming that “Nothing sucks worse than trying to peel boiled eggs.” I would contend that consuming an eggsalad sandwich made by any of these folks only to find out how they cleaned the eggs is much worse. Tagline: “You really can learn something from a dumb toothless redneck.”

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