My boys love the Nerf guns. They are kind of obsessed. But we had nowhere to put them all.

After using all of their birthday money and gift cards to amass a small arsenal they were taking over their bedroom, and the rest of our house. My wife found a picture of a very fancy looking Nerf gun rack on Pinterest that was made pretty simply out of pegboard.

I skipped painting it and didn't really look into how it was designed but I did go get a couple of 2' x 4' pieces of pegboard and a pair of 8-foot 1" x 2" boards. I cut four 3-foot lengths of the 1" x 2" and just left the pegboard as it was.

I screwed the 1" x 2"s into the studs in the wall with a pair of 2.5" screws and the screwed the pegboard into the 1" x 2" with 3 screws. The wood screws didn't go through the pegboard as easily so I just used the peg holes as pre-drilled holes.

Then I turned the boys loose to hang up the pegs and hang up their guns. It turned out great!

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