Stefon Diggs is one of the most talented receivers to ever put on the Minnesota Vikings purple and gold. And if this news is true I won't be very happy.

Vikings management may be shopping Diggs around. Diggs has had some amazing years of production with Minnesota. However last year he was not very happy that coach Mike Zimmer decided to go to the run game rather than pass the ball to their very talented receiving corps.

Diggs made it know he was not enthused about the lack of passes coming his way. It appears that Stefon has removed everything Vikings related from his Instagram page. Is this a sign that he may be going somewhere else to play? is speculating that with Minnesota's “salary cap situation expected to not be very great this offseason to say the very least, they probably will be looking to add as many draft picks as they can during the next few months. One way in which Minnesota can acquire more draft selections this year (and valuable ones) would be to trade Diggs.”

I have been a die-hard Vikings fan during the good and the bad. To me|if this trade happens we can expect more of the bad ahead.

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