A happy story about flying. Yeah, we're shocked, too.

One of the major stories in 2017 is the way airlines are treating their passengers. From the high-profile case of United dragging a man off an overbooked flight to Delta booting a couple with a two-year-old child to an American flight attendant challenging a passenger to a fight, flying -- already a stressful experience -- has become a potential nightmare, complete with viral possibilities and legal ramifications, all while you never get to your destination.

That's what makes this development so darned refreshing. Southwest pilot John Richie has been at the controls for the airline for 22 years and recently hauled his one millionth passenger. He got onto the intercom to let everyone know about the milestone and present the lucky soul with a bottle of champagne and money to reimburse her for the cost of her ticket -- out of his own pocket.

A flight attendant recorded the scene, which represents some seriously good  PR, in light of all the negative publicity other airlines have gotten. Then again, anything not involving a crew member trying to yank a paying customer out of his seat and threatening to re-arrange his face is good publicity these days, right?

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