UPDATE: According to Associated Press a 54-year-old Webster man was arrested after hospital workers reported hearing gunshots.

Aberdeen police say officers responded to a report of an active shooter in the hospital shortly after 9: a.m. Thursday. Capt. Eric Duven says medical staff reported hearing three shots fired in a patient's room. The man was arrested.

Police now say no gun was found in the patient room and that the staff likely heard the suspect banging on something repeatedly, not gunfire. Staff say the man was being belligerent with them prior to the incident.

An active shooter situation has been resolved at the Sanford Medical Center in Aberdeen. According to the Aberdeen News, one person has been detained and a report via the police scanner indicated shots had been fired. Sources say an announcement was made over the intercom of security being needed in a patient area, followed by departments being evacuated. Nearby businesses reported a flood of people leaving the hospital and taking shelter in those nearby businesses.

Police have not revealed if there were any injuries in the incident. The call came into 911 at approximately 9:00 AM on Thursday (September 6). Within the hour the suspect was in custody. Communication between Police, Sheriff, Fire and Highway Patrol reflected the situation was resolved at 9:45 AM. "We've been cleared by Sheriff's Department. They said it's all okay here. Medic One is going to clear Sandford." Another response aired on the scanner confirmed the message, "10-4."

Mike Miller elementary school was on lockdown during the incident as a precautionary measure.

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