As Wynonna gets ready for her dancing debut on 'Dancing With The Stars', she is still recovering in a lot of ways from a devastating motorcycle crash in western South Dakota.

According to the Associated Press, it's been a long tough process for Wynonna and her husband.

(AP) - Wynonna Judd says she is still trying to make sense of a motorcycle accident that nearly killed them both. She and Cactus Moser had been married just two months when their bike wrecked, causing her husband to lose one of his legs.

Judd tells US Magazine she remembers standing over her husband, trying to figure out whether he survived. Once she was sure he was still alive, she noticed his leg was gone.

She says the physical and emotional recovery took a while - and put their marriage to the test. Judd says while they are both stronger for having survived the crash, but they still have their rough times.