When Pat Benatar came out with the song "Heartbreaker" in the early 80's I wonder if she had women in mind.

She should of, according to a new study that just found women are way faster at ending a relationship with someone than men.

Now that Valentine's Day is over, we're in prime heartbreaker season. And when the dumping starts, it sounds like women are bound and determined to make that breakup happen fast!

When a woman starts to tire of a relationship, she generally only takes six days of thinking things over before she pulls the trigger and kicks her significant other to the curb.

While men on the other hand, take up to a full month to think about things, often changing their minds, and building up the courage to say adios.

What does that say about us men, are we just a bunch of indecisive wusses, or are we more caring and sensitive than women? I vote for the latter.

Now I don't want to scare you right now, but if you and your sweetheart had a less than stellar Valentine's Day, there's a good chance your girlfriend could be ready to lower the boom on your relationship as early as today. Where your boyfriend might hold off and dump you around the middle of March.

According to the study, women say the main reason for a quick break-up is that life is too short to be with the wrong person for a minute longer than necessary. And a short, sharp, shock is ultimately less painful in the long run.

Men reported the main reason they tend to take a longer time in pulling the plug is because they really want to think things through and make sure they give the relationship a little longer to see if it gets better.

So while men might ultimately take a little longer than women to reach the bitter end of a relationship, they are much faster than women at jumping into the next one.

You'll often see a man with someone new within just days of a breakup.

That's because men fix their anxieties and depression with women. A woman fixes hers by jumping into her work, focusing on her children or going to a therapist to help get her life back together.  

Source: Hypervocal