It was the late 1970's and the 'Outlaw Movement' in Country Music was in full swing.

Waylon, Cash, Paycheck, Kristofferson....these were names that dominated the Country Music charts.

And, of course, Willie.

With the incredible success of albums like 'Wanted: The Outlaws' in 1976, it seemed that everyone loved the 'Outlaws' of Country Music.

Even Hollywood.

So what happens when you take a dash of Willie Nelson and add it heaping helpings of two of the biggest star's in Movie History?  Well, what you have is Robert Redford and Jane Fonda (with Willie and Valerie Perrine in supporting roles) and a 1979 movie called 'The Electric Horseman'.

Now, the movie will never make a Top Ten List of Hollywood's all-time movie classic's, but that didn't matter.  The movie was the 11th highest grossing film of 1979, and featured some great Willie songs like 'Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys', 'My Hero's Have Always Been Cowboys', 'Midnight Rider' and more.

Yes, the critic's largely...yawned.  But the public loved it.  And here's the trailer for 'The Electric Horseman'.