We started with 32 of Country Music's greatest legends, greatest names, greatest voices, greatest artist's.

It read like a 'Who's Who' of Country Music history.  Hank WilliamsMerle HaggardTammy WynetteBuck OwensCharley PrideWillie NelsonLoretta Lynn.  And on and on, 32 in all.

The nicknames were flyin' almost as heavy as the votes.

The Drifting Cowboy.  The Southern Gentleman.  The Storyteller.  The Outlaw.  But after weeks of voting, weeks of the the best of the best going head-to-head in voting, it came down to the greatest legend in the history of Country Music and perhaps the greatest nickname in the history of Country Music.



After all the voting it came down to two; the most iconic names in Country Music History.  It would come down to the Coal Miner's Daughter, Loretta Lynn and the aforementioned 'Possum' George Jones.

With voting from 45 states and 13 foreign countries, the final tally was in.  In the closest vote in the entire Country Legends Showdown, you decided that the greatest artist ever to put voice-to-country-music was indeed, the man who for millions around the world is the face (and voice) of Country Music.


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So who exactly is this 'Greatest Legend In Country Music History?

Well, in the great biography below George tells his story and not just the best of times.  George not only sang Country Music, he lived it. The good and the bad.  And honoring this great artist is many of the other legends of country, many of the same legends that were part of our 'Country Legends Showdown'.

In the final analysis - really, how can one argue that truly, the late George Jones, the Possum, No-Show - is the greatest Country Music artist that has graced the planet.