Tanya Tucker is without a doubt one of the greatest ladies of country music. I've followed her music since her first hit in 1972 and I'm still playing her songs from over all the decades currently today.

I personally feel Tanya deserves to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame. I had the great honor of interviewing her on my show in recent years.

I also had the pleasure of meeting her sister La Costa, a country artist as well, in the summer of 1975. She was performing at The Crystal Springs Rodeo.

At that time La Costa had been on the country music scene for about a year after her first hit record 'I Wanna Get To You'. But now at this point when I met her, she had just released a new song that would eventually chart at number three.

It was a big hit. Remember the song? You will when you watch this video. Let's take a look back at  La Costa performing 'Get On My Love Train'.

You can also check her out performing the song live.