One of my fondest memories of childhood is now becoming one of my current nightmares. Truth be known, this lefty could throw a baseball at one time.

I was the starting pitcher on my team all thru my playing days that I decided to end in my teens. Why did I end it? Let's just say that cars, girls and the sensation I got when consuming beer kind of took over.

My coach and my dad both frowned on stopping play. They felt I was leaving some potential go to waste.

Could of I made it all the way to the 'bigs'? I am not going to even begin to speculate on that.

I will tell you for a fact that I watched many a batter walk back to the bench with a long face while I was on the mound. I also broke out a few windows on the old home place with wild pitches while playing catch in the back yard with my dad.

Back to the thought of could of, would of, should of, I look at if, I say if, I would have pursued a career, I could be making some huge money.

How much does the game's best pitcher get paid? Clayton Kershaw just cashed in on a $215 million 7 year deal with the Dodgers.

Kershaw is setting records for the highest average annual value ($30.7M) of any player and the largest contract ever for a pitcher. That Kershaw would be the one to set the record makes sense, as he’s got a solid claim on being the best pitcher in baseball.

With all this said, here's something to think about. After doing the math on the money, the games and the pitches, this comes to a very interesting fact based on estimates.

He is getting paid $10,000 every time he throws the ball. Funny, this applies even if the ball is smacked out of the park. Not a bad gig.