Everybody has to start somewhere.  And many times those just starting out, don't look a thing like who they eventually turn out to be.  For example, you might have to tilt your head to the left, then the right and mentally push those front teeth together, to see this 1983 version of Keith Urban.

When Keith Urban was just 16 years old, he appeared on an Australian talent show called 'New Faces'.  Hosted by Bert Newton, 'New Faces' had contestants competing in heats in front of judges, with the winners advancing to the final rounds.  (Almost like an earlier version of 'American Idol'...with Keith Urban as a judge!  Strange how the tides have turned, huh?)  

Keith Urban didn't advance to the finals after his version of Air Supply's 'All Out Of Love', but he did receive the 'Encouragement Award'.  And that 'Encouragement Award' just may have been what he needed to keep going and become the Country Superstar that he is today!  Even though he didn't look like it way back then.....(wink wink)