We have been featuring a great new song for several months, 'Secret Of Life' by Chris Cox. If you've been wondering who this guy is like I have, here the story:

Chris Cox, is a recording artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is currently celebrating the successful completion of his debut country album, straight from Hilltop Studio, Nashville, Tennessee, titled “Heaven To Win“ from CMM Records.

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A true baritone, with a wide range, Chris has a full, expressive voice that brings a haunting quality to a country song, and leaves the listener breathlessly waiting for the next line to start.  On stage, he’s a performer with a  burning desire to truly connect with his audience. He’s been entertaining crowds in Oklahoma for years.

When he isn’t writing songs or recording/performing new music, he spends most of his time setting up Nonprofit groups with fundraising programs throughout Oklahoma & Texas, being with his family, and working as a freelance designer/animator and International Voiceover Artist.

Chris comes from a very patriotic, military family. And has had a family member serve in four of the past five American wars. He believes in the strength and passion of the American Spirit and the will of the American Soldier.

Chris has enjoyed a lifetime love of music and has been singing since he was a small child in church. He’s studied music at Oklahoma State University and attended performing arts school at the Stella Adler Academy, Hollywood, CA.

He’s delighted audiences onstage in Oklahoma nightclubs for years. And now he’s continuing his musical journey with his Debut Nashville Album, “Heaven To Win”. The song, 'Secret Of Life' has been getting a lot of attention with the radio audience.

Here's a sample of this great song!