At Classic Country KXRB we love a good fiddle.  We love good guitar pickin'. And is there anything better than a wailing, cryin' steel guitar?

Here on the KXRB radio ranch, it's what we call 'Country Music'.  And sometimes there doesn't seem to be a lot of that coming out of Nashville anymore.

And then, all of a sudden, I'll hear something new, from someone new, that's....well, country!

Chances are you're not familiar with the name JJ Lawhorn.  Truth be known, I wasn't either until I came across a song called 'Good Ol' Boys Like Us'.  I decided to give it a listen and doggone...I heard some steel, some nice guitar pickin', and a voice that was drenched in Southern Country Syrup.

I had to check this guy out, and his website tells me this young man is from Virginia, 19 (maybe 20 now) years old and that drawl is for real.  It goes on to say this young man was all set to carry on the family tradition of farming when, well, country music stepped in.

It's a treat for all of us real country fans that it did.

At Classic Country KXRB we don't play very much of the 'new country', because a lot of the new country is 80's rock.  But we still have Strait, Jackson, and a few others.  And once is a while someone new, where you go 'Huh? Who's that guy??'

Well, in this case, that guy is JJ Lawhorn from Virginia.  And here is 'Good Ol' Boys Like Us'.