If you're looking to win a free beer (and I always am!) at your local watering hole, here's a trivia question that might win you one.

Who had the most Number One Country Music hit's in the decade of the 1980's?  You'll get answers like...Alabama? No.  Strait? Nope.  Milsap? Twitty? Jones? Cash? Randy Travis?

No, No, No, No and No.  The artist that had 18 #1 Country hit's in the 1980's was...ready?

Conley topped the charts beginning in 1981 with "Fire and Smoke", followed that in '82 with "Somewhere Between Right And Wrong", and then

"Your Love's On The Line",

"Holding Her and Loving You",

"Don't Make It Easy For Me",

"Angel In Disguise",

"Chance of Lovin' You",

"Honor Bound",

"Love Don't Care",

"Nobody Falls Like A Fool",

"Once In A Blue Moon",

"I Can't Win For Losin' You",

"That Was A Close One",

"Right From The Start",

"What She Is",

"We Believe In Happy Endings (Duet with Emmylou Harris)",

"What I'd Say"

and "Love Out Loud", his final #1 in 1989.

And the best part (other than that free beer you just one, enjoy!) is you can hear all of Conley's hits everyday right here on Classic Country 1000 KXRB and KXRB.com.