This world is made up of all kinds of people doing different things. Look around and you'll see that everybody seems to beat a little different drum.

Living here on the freest part of the planet, we have the luxury of being whatever we want to be. So what types of men do women find the most attractive?

I turn to the ladies on this one. Think about it girls, what type of guy catches your eye the most?

As the men now are running to get a legal pad and a pen so they can take notes, I have to say that I spent many years trying to figure this one out myself. Let's turn to an actual survey done by

Thousands of women speak, and how can that many be wrong? Here's what they had to say.

Here are the top ten types of men that women are attracted to:

  1. The Bad Boy
  2. The Surfer
  3. The Musician
  4. The Foreigner
  5. The Sensitive Artist
  6. The Dog Owner
  7. The Fireman
  8. The Surgeon
  9. The Cook
  10. The Marlboro Man