The jury comes back into the courtroom.  They're solemn and file into the jury box and sit down.  You look at them but you can't tell from the look on their sober faces.  Guilty? Not guilty?  You wonder.

And you wonder because you're the defendant!

The robed Judge asks if they've reached a verdict and the jury foreman replies 'We Have, Your Honor'.  The Judge asks you to rise and you hear the word.


Gulp.  Your legs feel a little weak, your knees trembling and you slump back down.

The Judge pronounces your sentence and interestingly, he gives you a choice.

For the rest of your natural life (don't they always say 'natural' life? At least they do on TV) you must eat every meal, and I mean every meal, at one of two places: McDonalds or Burger King.

So you get to choose.

Which is it?