One place I don't ever want my photo to appear on, is a milk carton. You know, the missing person thing.

For 37 years, it has been a mystery. What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

The American labor union leader was the vice-president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The organization was on its way to becoming the largest and most powerful single union in the US.

Hoffa disappeared July 30, 1975, last seen outside the Machus Red Fox, a suburban Detroit restaurant. Since then, the question has remained as to what happened to him.

Now, one man claims he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is. He's Tony Zerilli, an 85 year old reputed Detroit mafia boss.

Zerilli says Hoffa was buried in a field outside Detroit, about 20 miles from the restaurant where he was last seen. Zerilli said he’d bet “a thousand dollars” that Hoffa is still buried in a field in northern Oakland County, Michigan.

He also denies having anything to do with Hoffa’s death. So far, the search is still underway providing no positive results.

Speculation over the years has put Hoffa from being in a meat grinder, to the bottom of a lake to being part of a hub cap. But for now, the question remains: "Where Is Jimmy Hoffa?"