1973 may not have been the year of Barbara Fairchild.

But it certainly was the year of "The Teddy Bear Song".

A huge #1 Country Music smash, the song also topped the Canadian Country charts and became a Top 40 hit on the Pop Music charts as well. Grammy nominated, 'The Teddy Bear Song' became Barbara's signature hit and one of the biggest hit's of the year.



So who was this Barbara Fairchild and whatever happened to her?

Barbara began singing country music at a young age and by 1965 was a singing star, at least locally, in St. Louis Missouri.  After her High School graduation in 1968, she decided it was time...she moved to Nashville.  Her big break was being signed by Producer Billy Sherill, the same guy was was working with the legendary Tammy Wynette.

Barbara had a few minor hits, but it was 1973 that turned her career around and made her a bona fide Country Star.  1973 was the year of "The Teddy Bear Song".

A couple more Top 10 hits followed (including the #2 hit 'Kid Stuff') but Barbara hasn't been on the Country Music charts for quite some time.  So whatever happened to Barbara Fairchild?

Well, Barbara is living in Branson, Missouri with her third husband.  They both sing gospel and country songs at the Golden Corral Showroom in Branson. Catch up with the great Barbara Fairchild at her website.

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