Yes, she's the daughter of a legend, an icon.

But Rosanne Cash is a lot more than the daughter of Johnny Cash.

Regardless of her last name (of which she is justifiably proud), Rosanne Cash would be one of our finest Classic Country artist's.

Hey, check this out: There was a 'Cash' that had Ten #1 hit's in the 1980's.  And the first name wasn't John.  It was Rosanne.

Starting with 'Seven Year Ache' and right on through 'I Don't Want To Spoil The Party', Rosanne totaled 14 Top 10 hit's in that decade, including those ten that went to the top.



Rosanne adored her famous Dad and sang with him as often as she could.  And by the way, her dad was proud of her, too.  Listen to this touching duet.



So whatever happened to Rosanne Cash?

Well, the 58-year-old is planning to release her first new album in four years in 2014.  She is happily married to her second husband and...well, I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hear new Rosanne Cash music!