The mid 1970's could easily be called the era of the CB radio.

Probably the biggest 'CB' hit was 'Convoy' by C.W. McCall. Heck, they even made a movie about that song!

But there were many others as well, including a monster #1 country hit called 'Teddy Bear'. It hit the top of the charts, and pretty soon all of us were teary-eyed as we learned the story of 'Teddy Bear', a boy with disabilities (remember, we called it 'crippled' back in the day?) who had lost his father (a trucker) and wanted to stay in touch with trucker's....and did so on his CB radio.



Red Sovine was a master of the narrative country songs that we've pretty much lost through the years. Trucking songs? Red could 'talk 'em' with the best. Remember 'Phantom 309', 'Giddy Up Go' and 'Little Joe'?

A lot of fans that were introduced to Red in 1976 with 'Teddy Bear' maybe didn't realize Red had his first #1 hit waaaay back in 1955 with 'Why Baby Why', a duet with Webb Pierce.

So whatever happened to Red Sovine?

Well, Red suffered a heart attack while driving in Nashville on April 4th, 1980. The heart attack along with the injuries suffered in the accident took Red's life at the age of 61.