The legendary Statler Brothers asked a musical question (and had a big hit) in 1974.

'Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott?'

Well, being the curious kind it got me to thinking - hmmm - so seriously, whatever happened to Randolph Scott??  And by the way, who exactly was Randolph Scott??

Well from 1928 until 1962, Randolph Scott was one of the biggest film star's in the world, a good looking leading man.  In other words, the ladies had no problem going to a Randolph Scott movie. He was the kind of actor that ladies wanted to be with and guys - well, guys just wanted to be!

Check out a bunch of publicity pictures below and you'll see what I mean.

Randolph Scott starred in a variety of film genre's, things like comedies, musicals, war films, but it was the Western's that made Randolph Scott a star, not only among adults but among children across the country as well.  He was generally a 'tall-in-the-saddle' good guy wearing the white hat.

Perhaps with the exception of John Wayne, Randolph Scott was the leading man most closely associated with those great old Western's.

Born in 1898 and a veteran of World War One, Randolph Scott was a Top 10 box office draw from the late 1940's into the early 1950's.  If a Randolph Scott movie was coming to town (and especially if it was a Western!), well, gas up the Studebaker, we're going to the cinema!

Perhaps due to changing times, Scott retired from movie acting at the age of 64 and, thanks to good business investments, he was a multi-millionaire.  According to his son, Scott was a deeply religious man and enjoyed his retirement with friends and family.

Randolph Scott passed away in 1987 at the age of 89.

But hey, enough talk.

Let's pop up some popcorn, grab a soda (large, please) and enjoy this full length feature from's Randolph Scott, Barbara Britton and 'Gabby' Hayes in 'Albuquerque'.  Ride 'em Cowboy!