Marvin Rainwater did have a long country music career.  But he had an influence on not only country artist's, but pop and rockabilly, too.

Marvin was born in Wichita, Kansas and unlike many youngsters who grew up into country music stardom, he didn't listen to the Grand Ole Opry as a child.  Nope, he studied classical piano instead!

Following his service in the military during World War II, Marvin became fascinated with Roy Acuff, and subsequently country music.

His big break came via the Arthur Godfrey Talent Shows on national television, winning first place in 1955.  And in 1957 Marvin Rainwater had a gold record.

'Gonna Find Me A Blue Bird' was not only a top country hit, it also became a Top 20 pop hit and sold over a million records.  By the way, Marvin wrote the mega-hit, too.

He recorded some with Connie Francis and had other notable hits, but the fame wasn't long lasting. Marvin's last Top 20 country hit came in 1959.

So whatever happened to Marvin Rainwaterr?

Well, on Thursday, September 19, 2013 I received the following email at from Marla Rainwater: On your article 'Whatever Happened To Marvin Rainwater', I am sad to say he passed away 9/17/13 after a short illness.

  God Bless You Marvin, Rest In Peace.

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