He had one of the most recognizable voices in Country Music.  The Statler Brothers would not have been the Statler Brothers without him.

Lew DeWitt, tenor, guitar player, a member of the most iconic group in the history of Country Music.

Not only a talented singer and musician, Lew also wrote many of the Statler Brothers Classic's, including the one featured above, 'Flowers On The Wall'.

Lew was Virginia born like the other guys in the group, and was a founding member, along with Harold and Don Reid and Phil Balsley.  The quartet was founded back in 1955 in Staunton, Virginia singing gospel music, something they would continue to do throughout their historic career.

As the Statler Brothers fame continued to soar, Lew was fighting Crohn's  Disease, something he battled since a young age.  Finally, in 1982, Lew was forced to retire from the group.

Lew did record and tour some as a solo act.

But Lew's courageous battle against the disease was finally lost on August 15, 1990.

Lew DeWitt was just 52 years old.

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