It was 1968 when country music fans were introduced to a lady named 'Kay'.


Country music is filled with great 'story' songs and 'Kay' is one of them.  The artist was John Wesley Ryles.  Millions of radio listeners would turn up the radio when 'Kay' came on with it's haunting sound and envision themselves riding around Nashville in a cab.

Ryles would only have one more Top 10 hit (1977's 'Once In A Lifetime Thing') and have his last solo chart single in 1988.

So whatever happened to John Wesley Ryles?

Well, believe it or not, you have heard John Wesley Ryles a lot through the years...and in fact, still hear him a lot today!

John was (and is) a background singer on hundreds of songs being released out of Nashville, including the biggest and most successful star's of the past 3 decades.  Take a look at the information on the paper(s) with your CD's (do you still buy CD's?) and there's a good chance you'll see the name John Wesley Ryles.  He is in great demand as not only a vocalist, but as a demo singer as well.

John is 62 years young (which made him a tender 18 years old when 'Kay' was a smash)and still in great voice!