The year was 1969. That was the year that Country Music fans were introduced to a guy named Freddy Weller.

Freddy had a Top 5 hit with Joe South's 'Games people Play', a song that Joe himself had a major pop music hit with.

Then in 1971, Freddy took a Chuck Berry rock classic 'The Promised Land', gave it a country twist, and took it back into the Top 5 of Country Music.



Who was this Freddy Weller guy?

Well, he was an artist already known by pop/rock music fans since he was a guitar player in one of the most successful pop/rock bands of the 1960's.

Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Yep, Freddy rode the top of the pop music world before his switch and major country music success.

So whatever happened to Freddy Weller?

Freddy pretty much retired from the music business in 1982 and the Atlanta, Georgia native is alive and well at the age of 66.