What's that you say? You never heard of Ed Bruce? Oh, my Country Music fan, yes...yes you have.

Many of the greatest songs in Country Music history were written (and/or) performed by Ed Bruce. What's that, you don't think so? Well, just a few of Ed's brilliant songs include:

The Man That Turned My Mama On (Tanya)
Restless (Crystal Gayle)
Texas (When I Die) (Tanya Tucker)

Oh heck, let's just go with Ed's hits that he wrote and sang:

When You Fall In Love (Everything's A Waltz)
The Last Cowboy Song
You're The Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had
After All

And the great 'My First Taste Of Texas'



Oh yeah, and there's one more little minor thing you may have heard of..."Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys". That's an Ed Bruce gem.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm partial to the great songwriters, and Ed bruce is definitely one of the greatest ever. Such a great storyteller, such a great wordsmith. I have most of Ed's work at home and still marvel at his songs, even after listening to them, oh I don't know, a thousand times?

So whatever happened to Ed Bruce?

Well, the Arkansas native (I know, I was sure he was a Texas boy!) is alive and well in his 70's now and he's cut back some on his singing/songwriting and...acting. You knew that right, that Ed is also an acclaimed actor? Movies, television, commercials, Ed's done it all. You can get the whole Ed Bruce story at his website.

And hey mama's, don't forget, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboy's!

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