David Houston grew up in northwestern Louisiana and yes, he is a direct descendent of the legendary Sam Houston, the first President of the Republic of Texas (and a descendent of Robert E. Lee!).

While his country music career began in the early 1960's, it was 1966 that magic happened.

The song was 'Almost Persuaded' and to say it was a hit record is like saying the Atlantic Ocean is a spot of water.


'Almost Persuaded' stay atop the country music charts for an astounding 9 consecutive weeks! It would be some 43 years before another artist, Taylor Swift, would be able to accomplish that terrific run.

Houston won not one, but 2 Grammy's for the song, Best Country & Western Recording and Best Country & Western performance, male.

David had more hits through the early-mid 1970's, including duets with both Barbara Mandrell and Tammy Wynette, but he would never reach the heights he did with his signature song.

So whatever happened to David Houston?

David Houston passed away from a brain aneurysm 2 weeks shy of his 58th birthday in 1993 in his home state of Louisiana.

But he left us with one of the biggest hits in country music history.