OK guys, I'm here once again with some help. I once again got my hands on some vital information about those women.

I pass these things on to my fellow men out there to make their lives a little easier. Now guys, pay close attention to this because these are hard facts about what women really want in their men. Ladies, feel free to agree or shake your heads no.

Men, please share this with as many other guys as you can. If we don't help each other, who will? Women tend to keep secrets from us. It's their way.

From a Cargo magazine survey asking women for their opinions of men's fashion and hygiene:

What is the sexiest outfit a man can wear?

  • 58% - jeans and t-shirt
  • 19% - pants and a hip shirt
  • 17% - suit and tie


What kind of underwear should a man wear?

  • 48% - boxer briefs
  • 46% - briefs
  • 2% - none


What should men do with their chest hair?

  • 40% - trim it
  • 28% - keep it hairy
  • 22% - get rid of all of it


What should men do with their back hair?

  • 55% - remove any that sticks out of a shirt
  • 35% - get rid of all of it


What should men do with facial hair?

  • 42% - shave regularly
  • 31% - maintain a five o'clock shadow


Other interesting results?

  • 77% say too many men use too much cologne
  • 58% say men shouldn't wear sandals
  • 56% say men should wear traditional swim trunks at the beach
  • 3% say men should wear bikini suits at the beach