I have several songs and artists for that matter that I call my favorites. But if I had to choose just one song, what would I go with?

Now I probably have you thinking a bit. Let's pick one shall we?

To help come up with an answer, let's look at the question this way. If you got a brand new car today, what is the song that you would like to hear come out of that new stereo first?

Now I'm thinking hard. Buck Owens music is on my mind with various songs. So is Ronnie Milsap, Mel Street and a host of others.

But OK, I'm picking one song right now. I want to hear Marty Robbins and 'El Paso City'. I would crank up the volume, take a wiff of that new car smell and head out to put my first mile on in style.

How about you? Join me on Tuesday's Morning Show and tell me your favorite song. By the way, you'll have a chance to win a Cabela's gift card for calling in.