How big are TV's going to get in time? I'm wondering why we need them so large all of a sudden.

I have the best TV memories of my life watching what people would consider now to be a very small television. Dad brought home that new color TV and we were in heaven.

It was big enough. We only had one or two channels. But the evenings were packed full of great programs.

All we needed then was mom to pour some oil in a frying pan and shake it over the burner until popcorn was flying onto the floor while dad and I ran down to The Farmer's Union for a six-pack of pop. Oh', don't forget to take along six empty bottles or they'll sock you for a deposit of, I think it was some ridiculous price of 2 cents a bottle!

The size of the TV wasn't an issue. What channel we were going to watch wasn't an issue. All that mattered was the reception hopefully was good. And God help us, don't let a tube blow now!

Today we live in a different world. A world of TV's we would have never dreamed of.

Panasonic has come out with a 152-inch TV. It's the world's largest 4K2K plasma display. It can be yours for just $500,000.

I ask why do we need such big TV's today? Are we having trouble with our vision in this day and age. Can't we see like we used to? Will there come a time when we will refrain from going to the theater because their screens are so small compared to our TV set?