The Pop/Rock Band 'The Box Tops' will never be confused with The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.  But in the world of Pop Music in 1967 and 1968, they were one of the biggest Bands in the world, thanks to hit's like the one above, 'The Letter'.

They also had major hits with songs like 'Cry Like A Baby' and 'Soul Deep'.  I'll bet my Brother, a little older than me, probably had the Boxtops blaring from the radio in his 1958 Chevy at the time.

OK, that may be mildly interesting, but what in the world do they have to do with Classic Country Music??

Well, one of their hits was a song called 'Break My Mind', featured in the video below.  Give it a listen.



Sound familiar?  Well, it should, 'Break My Mind' was a major Country hit for one of our great Classic Country Artist's, George Hamilton 1967!  Give George's version a listen below.



Now then, for 'The Rest Of The Story'...

Do you know what Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legendary band was first offered 'Break My Mind'?  In the clip below, George Hamilton and the writer of the classic, Hall of Fame Songwriter John D. Loudermilk tell the story behind 'Break My Mind'.