I find it interesting that I'm even doing this story. The booze companies would all be bankrupt if they depended on my consumption.

But, I will have you know, that if the occasion calls for a drink, I will have on hand what most people will ask for. In my pantry, I have a shelf all lined up with the good stuff, all well aging.

So, if you are going to stock up with a few things, or let's say you are going to throw a party, what should you buy?

Well, based on one study, here's what was determined to be the top five selling brands of liquor in the United States:

  1. Smirnoff Vodka (first introduced in Russia in 1860)
  2. Bacardi Rum (first introduced in Cuba in 1862)
  3. Jack Daniel's Whiskey (first introduced in the U.S. in 1875)   (This is the only one of the top five that is made by a U.S. company. It's produced in Kentucky)
  4. Captain Morgan Rum (first introduced in Puerto Rico in 1944)
  5. Crown Royal Whiskey (first introduced in Canada in 1939)

You can't have everything on hand. But, if you have these five, you can honestly tell your guests that you have what most people like.

Now, pour me a Crown with a little diet Coke please. If you don't have pop, change it to a Crown water. And I like my water frozen.