RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) — While teenagers these days spend hours playing with electronics, a 13-year-old South Dakota boy stays busy with a different kind of equipment.

Wearing a blue helmet and a reflective vest, Hayden Czerwonka can be found using shovels and other tools at construction sites around Rapid City.

KOTA-TV reports Hayden has been helping at construction sites since last summer about four to five times a week. He helps with jobs like shoveling dirt and picking up nails.

Site foreman Tito Arguello admits he was apprehensive at first, but after seeing Hayden's passion, he thinks he "is a good kid to have around."

Hayden's efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Heavy Constructors Inc. gifted him a bike and a check earlier this year.

Hayden says he wants to own a construction company in the future.

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