Pretty much year round people refer to Jerry and I as the spooks on the radio. But let's now go with creepy (not to be confused with creep). One of our funnest morning shows every year is on Halloween. It's always a spooky and cooky time.

We break out a big bag of tricks and treats. Mainly the music. We have all your Halloween favorites ready to play.

Along with that some Halloween funnies. Plus some trivia about this special day that maybe you didn't know about.

I have put together a list of indications that you are too old to trick or treat that I will share and much more. Please join us for all the fun starting at 6am.

For Halloween songs, I for sure will have 'Monster Mash', 'Purple People Eaters', 'Monster's Holiday' and all the classics for sure. But what about the regular country songs that would apply to Halloween? Like Randy Travis and 'Diggin Up Bones'.

Can you think of any others?