It ushered in the era of Prime Time Soap Opera's.  Eventually there was Dynasty, Knots landing, Flamingo Road and more.  But it all started April 2, 1978.

It was 'Dallas'.

It ran weekly until 1991 on CBS (I know, I know, there's some new version on Cable, but we're talking the original classic here!).

But really, it was about the first 8 season's, because that 9th season was the so called 'Dream Sequence Season'.  Remember?  Pam had dreamt the whole season about Bobby's death only to find him in the shower and...well...blah, blah, blah.  'Dallas' had 'jumped the shark'.

But until!  Jock and Miss Ellie, Bobby and Pam, Ray and Lucy, Cliff and, of course...the dastardly guy we absolutely loved to hate, J.R.!

1980 was, I suspect, the peak of 'Dallas'.  That was the summer that America and the World all asked the same question.

By the way, it was Kirsten, Pam's sister.

Oh, and one more thing.  Did you know it the long run of the series, 357 episodes total, there was only one character who appeared in every episode.

Yep...J.R. Ewing.  Let's face it, without J.R., why would we watch 'Dallas'?