(AP) - Despite the famous bluegrass song, Rocky Top, Tenn., has never actually been home sweet home to anyone.

It's not a town at all, but a rocky outcropping high up in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the Appalachian Trail.

An East Tennessee county commissioner and a group of silent partners want to do something about that. Reasoning that the name Rocky Top has cache, they're promising an impoverished town of 1,700 big things if residents are willing to change the town's name from Lake City.

The town took the first step Thursday night, with the council voting its initial approval.

Resident Alisha Owens told a reporter that she wouldn't care if they changed the town's name to "Easter Bunny," as long as it brought prosperity.

Alright then, let's tap our toes with the Osborne Brothers and visit good 'ol 'Rocky Top'.