For me, being a teenager in the 70's meant wanting long hair to look, as it was called, cool. But mom would send me to see Dennis Nordquist, my hometown barber, to get a haircut.

And even though I had all the power in the world to instruct our friendly barber how I wanted him to snip and how much to remove, I better return home looking clean cut or there would be big trouble.

I guess mom wanted me to look respectable and she probably wanted to see she got her money's worth. I mean she was dishing out $2.

Dennis was an interesting barber too. He always wanted to talk about cars. One time I got him going on racing and the conversation got quite in depth. he forgot to stop cutting.

Mom was happy to see me that time. I decided to never bring up race cars at the barber shop again. My friends sure laughed when they saw me.

Now after giving you all the background I have with hair cut joints, let's get to this story. How about paying $45 for a ear lowering?

How about having your eyes stretched while you're at it with a topless barber?

Police in northern Colorado busted a hairdresser who was advertising $45 topless haircuts online.

It wasn't the nudity that got 46-year old Suzette Hall clipped by police, it was the fact that she didn't have a license to cut hair.