Pictures of garden sheds are fun to look at, but it's the tools inside that are important. Whether your shed is a converted chicken coop, a corner of the pole barn, or one side of the garage, they harbor the tools that make gardening easier and productive.

A wheel barrow or garden cart can help carry twigs and weeds to the compost or burn pile or flats of plants out to the garden. They come in various sizes, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs. If you're on an acreage, a small trailer hitched on your lawnmower may be an option for you.

Rakes come in many sized and materials. I prefer the bamboo kind for raking leaves. A heavier garden rake helps level out soil in the garden and the back of it can be used to whack clods of earth into smaller pieces.

Shovels with a pointed end are used for digging. I like the ones that have the little foothold lip at the top. Hoes, flat edged or pointed are great for weeding in an upright position. The companion handheld tools, like the garden trowel and claw, now come in ergonomic forms and are easier on the wrist and hand.

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Everyone has a particular specialty tool that they cannot do without. A hori hori knife is one of my sister's favorites. It features a serrated blade that allows for weeding, dividing, and cutting sod. I like my hedge clippers. I know that the electric ones would make to job go faster, but I like the sound of the manual ones. It reminds me of summer, like the slam of a screen door or a wooden bat as it connects with a ball.

After a day in the yard, with the tools cleaned and out away, don't forget to take care of yourself. There are many creams for softening hands and rubs for tired muscles, all with a variety of soothing scents. Remember, your hands are your best tools!