Take a guy like Tim McGraw. You figure he's a pretty busy guy. He has to be.  His musical career, wife and kids. A country song with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban that's screaming up the Country Music Charts. (Highway Don't Care)

It should come as no surprise to country music fans around the country but  Tim McGraw is also a big NASCAR fan.  Seems to be one of the things he can 'make time for.'

Tim also admits he likes to drive his own car fast and also says he'd like to do a NASCAR movie some day.  Says he'd like to Play a driver in the movie.  I wonder if someone isn't thinking of it right now. Days of Thunder 2 or 3?  Sounds like a winner to me.

So, if McGraw was in a NASCAR movie, what do you think would be a good name for him to have?   Or could he just keep his own name and play himself?

Either way you can bet that he'll be watching when he can.  NASCAR is in Kansas this weekend for the STP 400.  Here's a preview of the race courtesy of the Miami Herald.