Some songs are red hot when they first come out and then just disappear. The same is true for some artists. And then there's artists and their music that lives forever. One of them is the great Patsy Cline. Even though she left this world 50 years ago and hasn't even been here to promote her music, it just magically lived on.

I was recently at a night spot in Kansas City a few years ago at a place called Kelley's. The place was packed. I put the majority of the people that were in there to be in their 20's and 30's. The music was coming from a jukebox, so the patrons were choosing the songs. I heard 3 of Patsy's songs play the short time I was there. I again realized how powerful she was.

And her most enduring hit of all was recorded on this very day in 1961. The title of the song was "Crazy." And perhaps a good portion of the magic on this one comes from another artist who's music will last for generations to come. The song was written by an up-and-coming writer at the time by the name of Willie Nelson. You've gotta love those superstars that are above the rest!