When you travel outside of the 605 area code you will likely run into an ignorant coastal elitist, southern redneck or narcissistic hipster who has a completely deluded picture of what South Dakota is like. To help educate the rest of the country on what our fine state like, here are 7 things America should know about South Dakota.

  • 1

    We Don't Ride in Buggies Pulled By Horses, We Drive Cars and Trucks


    The plains were settled with, literally, horse power. But in the 21st century we do indeed have cars, trucks, minivans, and even those new fangled crossovers. While there are people who ride horses for fun, they typically drive a truck and don't use their equine friends for travel. The only horse and buggy you are likely to find is in a parade during some small town's 100-and-something anniversary.

  • 2

    Not Only Do We Have Running Water, We Have High Speed Internet


    In 2001 I was in a bar in Phoenix, Arizona. The bartender carded me and upon seeing my South Dakota driver's license asked "Do you have running water?"

    "No, we don't," I said. "It's a bummer."

    As she typed my order into a Gateway computer I got a little snarky.

    But we do make computers," I said. "Like the one your punching my order into. It was made in North Sioux City, South Dakota."

  • 3

    Despite the Name, South Dakota is in the North


    We received several calls and texts this morning telling us that people in the northeastern U.S. told them they just loved the hospitality down south. Another even confused it for South Carolina.

    For those confused on the geographical location in relation to North Dakota, South Dakota is south of North Dakota.

    There is also no West Dakota or East Dakota. There is also no state called "The Dakotas." When you hear that on the news they are referring to both North and South Dakota.

  • 4

    Our Native Americans Don't Live in Teepees Anymore

    Stew Dean/Flickr

    You would think this type of ignorance was extinct, but sadly it is not. A listener told us a story this morning about how his daughter's Native American friend was in Illinois for a beauty pageant and was asked the following question:

    "How long have you lived indoors?"

    They thought she grew up in a teepee. The girl was terribly offended.

  • 5

    These Funny Looking Fans Don't Make Wind, They Make Electricity

    Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Unless you're flying a kite or sailing a boat, who the hell would want to make wind? No one. It's loud and annoying. Those big fans are called "wind turbines" and they create very clean electricity. Which we do also have.

  • 6

    Your Favorite Team's Scoreboard Was Probably Made in South Dakota


    21 of the 31 NFL stadiums have a scoreboard that was made in Brookings, South Dakota by Daktronics. It's truly amazing that we achieved such a technical electronic feat without electricity!

  • 7

    Weather Is Kind of a Big Deal Here

    Thomas Cooper/Getty Images

    Sometimes it is annoying how much we talk about the weather. If there's anything remotely severe going on, it's the top story on the nightly news. If it's really bad our TV stations will stop televising the Super Bowl to show you their pretty radar.

    When the Weather Channel starts their non-stop coverage of a hurricane in Florida, that's what a night of severe thunderstorms is like watching local TV in South Dakota.

    On the other hand, not much else goes on here so what else are they supposed to report on. Grandma getting wifi?