You and I are upright and taking oxygen, but we're under paid! These guys have been dead for years and are making in a year what we'd make in several (and I mean several) lifetimes.

Take Elizabeth Taylor. The lady is no longer on the planet, but last year she made $210 million dollars! There was auctions of a lot of her things. Let's see...what could I auction. Hmmm...I do have an old 8-track player. It doesn't work, but still.

Now, Michael Jackson, he only made a measly $145 million last year. And Elvis? Well, Elvis went to that big Heartbreak Hotel in the sky over 35 years ago, but he still managed to pull in $55 million last year. That's a heck of a lot more than a hound dog!

Lets see, who else made more from the grave than you and I did meandering around the planet. Charles Shultz of Charlie Brown fame managed to rake in $17 million, John Lennon $12 million and Marilyn Monroe blew a kiss at us making $10 million. She tied with Albert Einstein. Maybe he can finally get a decent haircut.

Oh, and Dr. Seuss can go ahead and put his cat in a golden hat...he made $9 million last year without raising a finger...or anything else for that matter.

So, if I want to make millions I'd need to be dead. Huh.

Nah, I think I'll have my Grain Belt long necks, play some classic country songs and scrape by on my little South Dakota radio wage. I'd like the dead part to wait for a while yet. It'd be hard to enjoy the money anyway.